Arts Room

Bedroom with wooden floors and scenic view to the Principe Real garden.

The Arts Room, with its elegant decoration and library in the hallway reminds us of the evenings the Royal Family spent in the living room, reading books and listening to music, embedded in their passion for the Arts.

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  • Size: 20m² / 215 sq.ft
  • Free WiFi high speed internet access
  • Extra large Queen bed (180cmx200cm/ 70 5/5''´ x 79 1/2'') or two twin beds - at your choice
  • Window overlooking the Príncipe Real garden
  • Occupancy: 2 adults
  • Up to 1 baby under 3 years old may use a crib – subject to availability. * Extra charge
  • Breakfast buffet or room service breakfast on request
  • Premium bathroom amenities
  • LCD TV
  • Air conditioning
  • In-room safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Daily maid service

The Royal Prince and the Arts

image D. Pedro


the arts were a constant presence in the daily life of the royal family. this passion for literature, music, painting and art in all its forms, was nurtured by the queen and king and promoted since tender age.

The evenings were often spent in the living room, reading, listening to music - sometimes played by a recognized artist, sometimes by a struggling piano-playing Prince.

D. Fernando II was very fond of the arts. Gifted with an enviable baritone voice, he also dedicated some of his time to painting and encouraged his children to do so as well. The Royal Prince, D. Pedro V, had a special connection to the world of the arts, an insatiable hunger for knowledge displayed in his early writings. Literature was what moved him the most, though he had advanced drawing skills and a soft spot for music. This passion led him to found the School of Letters (Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa), handpicking its professors and even attending some of its courses, whenever he got the chance.

For those reasons, this room is dedicated to the Arts, the silent watchers of the Palace life, the inviting whisperers of the library, the background tunes of the big and small events, filling the hallways and rooms with colour and sound.