King D. Fernando II Room

Bedroom with wooden floors and stuccowork ceiling.

This room was named in honour of the father of the Royal Prince, D. Fernando. The palette of caramel and gold colours, the decoration and the beauty of the ceiling aims to remind us of the soberness and royal elegance of this King.

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  • Size: 15m² / 161 sq.ft
  • Free WiFi high speed internet access
  • Queen bed (160cmx200cm/ 62 6/6'' x 791/2'')
  • Window overlooking the Botanical garden trees
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Occupancy: 2
  • Premium bathroom amenities
  • LCD TV
  • Air conditioning
  • In-room safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Daily maid service

About King D. Fernando II

image D. Pedro


the austerity and soberness that characterized king d. fernando ii are portrayed in this room. born in vienna, king d. fernando ii came to portugal to marry its queen, d. maria ii, and from this union d. pedro v was born.

Although very quiet and discreet, King D. Fernando II was a fierce lover of the arts and a passionate admirer of nature, having ordered the construction of the Pena Palace, at the top of the Sintra Mountains, which remains the ultimate tribute to his dedication to Portugal.

D. Fernando II passed on to the Royal Prince the very same qualities that defined his character, such as his solemnity and somberness, a keen eye for the arts and a romantic, yet very private, vision of the world as it should be, rather than as it really was.

D. Fernando II sought to understand a culture that wasn’t his own, questioning the habits and the mindset of the Portuguese people, who never fully accepted him. The unexpected death of the Queen forced him to overcome his sorrow faster than the heart allows, in order to become the Regent of Portugal until his son, D. Pedro V (the Royal Prince), came of age, giving him the reins of a country that was never his own.